RELUISANT was opened some four years ago by the former owner arising from a passion for beautiful, peaceful spaces in our homes. She  loved to see beautiful pieces come back to life and to combine simple objects to create a living picture. RELUISANT is French for make shinny and new.

In May 2018 the shop was taken over by new owners and renamed The Cheshire Cat, in honour of the new owners heritage (Cheshire, England, not Wonderland – although we wonder sometimes…)

We are in the process of shifting the focus from homewares and decor to more about handmade, one-of-a-kind and encouraging creativity in others. We still sell Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, but also sell other materials and tools to add some gorgeousness to your homes and lives.

Enjoy and happy shopping. Please come and visit; we have many lovely things in our shop that are too heavy and fragile to send via post.